The Amazing TKs Suburban Nightmares-PLAZA

PLAZA – TORRENT – FREE DOWNLOAD – CRACKED The Amazing T.K’s Suburban Nightmares – Return of the Slashers! The nightmarish events are starting up again due to a serial killer worshiping cult-like group on the rise calling…

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Danger Gazers-PLAZA

PLAZA – TORRENT – FREE DOWNLOAD – CRACKED Danger Gazers is a post-apocalyptic roguelite top-down shooter where you pave your own path. The choices you make will decide your fate, it will either turn you into the new ruler…

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Story of a Gladiator Update v20200102-PLAZA

PLAZA – TORRENT – FREE DOWNLOAD – CRACKED Story of a Gladiator is an arena beat ’em up where you take the role of a man in search of his destiny, only to find it in the sands of the colosseum.

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miniLAW Ministry of Law PROPER-SiMPLEX

SiMPLEX – TORRENT – FREE DOWNLOAD – CRACKED miniLAW: Ministry of Law – Roam the dystopian future city of New Babel, Mankind’s Last Hope, in search of crimes in progress. Use lethal weapons, non-lethal force, and diplomacy…

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Outer Wilds Update v1 0 4 240-CODEX

TORRENT – FREE DOWNLOAD – CRACKED Outer Wilds is an open world mystery about a solar system trapped in an endless time loop.

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Fictorum Update v2 0 6-PLAZA

Fictorum is an action RPG featuring destructible environments, a procedural node-based world map, and dynamic magic shaping.

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New World Horizon Update v20200102-PLAZA

PLAZA – TORRENT – FREE DOWNLOAD – CRACKED New World Horizon is a 16th century role playing stand alone adventure for the PC. It features a massive open world to explore by land and sea for hunting, fishing, mining,…

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CHIKARA Action Arcade Wrestling v1 1 4-SiMPLEX

TORRENT – FREE DOWNLOAD – CRACKED Perform a BODY SLAM, knock’em down with a CLOTHESLINE, pull off the classic PILEDRIVER AND… shoot a FIREBALL into your opponent’s face?! Whatever you do… don’t find yourself looking up at the lights!

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