How to Install Games & Updates


For every file extension you can search for the information regarding the type of file, and possible software applications that you can use to open such file types. See the videos tutorials below for more information.

I. Install the game:
Maybe you will meet two popular case:

1. You get .ISO files (or .CUE, .MDS) or Setup files…. when extracted. See Tutorial Video Below.

I. Install the game:

2. If you don’t get .ISO files (or .CUE, .MDS) or Setup files….That mean you don’t need install, only extract and play. See Tutorial Video Below.

II. Install the UPDATE
Example install UPDATE Game.

File Formats:


ISO is the file format used to describe image
files based on the ISO-9660 standard, these
files contain a copy of the data from the
original disc including the file system,
directory structures etc.


When tracks are stored on compact discs they
can be stored in the cue/bin format. A cue
sheet file which uses the .cue file extension
is a text file that contains the tracks on
the disc.


A MDS file is a Media Descriptor File that can
be generated when creating a disc image from a
CD or DVD disc. MDS files contain metadata
about the original media, specifically the
position of the layer breaks or layer breach
bit, which is used for the copy protection
feature of DVDs.