Comedy / Drama / Romance


Anh Duong is a dynamic, modern and successful beauty blogger with thousands of followers. For a long time, she has planned for a perfect wedding that can bring happiness to her mother and fans. On the other hand, Nhat Minh is an unemployed, has-been pro gamer who lives off his younger brother’s family. His sister-in-law always looks down on him and considers him an useless loser. Now, the only thing he does is playing online games. One day, Anh Duong and Nhat Minh’ fates cross path: Anh Duong is diagnosed with brain cancer and Nhat Minh is diagnosed with spinal cancer. Abandoned by her fiancé after the news, Anh Duong desperately comes up with a plan and asks Nhat Minh, her former classmate in college, to be the fake groom for her dream wedding. In return, Nhat Minh will receive a hefty sum of money to support his brother’s dream. With only three months left to live, two polar-opposite persons must come together to fight for their last wishes.

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Title: 100 Days of Sunshine
Duration: 1 hr 38 min
Aspect Ratio: 1280*566
Frames: 25 fps
Audio: Vietnamese 2.0
Size: 906.62 MB


100 Days of Sunshine (2018) download100 Days of Sunshine (2018) download



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