MARTHA, an eccentric farm woman, heartbroken by the death of her only son, mistakenly believes that ALEX, a young city girl who had a car crash in the area during a blinding rainstorm, is pregnant with her son’s child. Martha invites Alex to her home, unaware that she’s an accessory to a robbery that ended in murder. When she discovers that bad people are after Alex, Martha abducts her to protect the unborn child. Martha has no idea that money and jewelry from the botched heist have been stashed in her basement. And that FRANK, Alex’s boyfriend, plans to invade the house, get the stash, and do away with both women. Alex, on the verge of giving birth, implores Martha to let her go. She says that if Frank shows up, they’ll all die. Instead, Martha fortifies the house and then lies in wait as Frank and an accomplice close in on the place. Martha is tough and resourceful, but she doesn’t know that her best friend, GRACE, is about to intervene and place all of them, including the newly …

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Title: A Stone in the Water
Duration: 1 hr 35 min
Aspect Ratio: 1280*678
Frames: 23.976 fps
Audio: English 2.0
Size: 877.65 MB



Bonnie Bedelia as Martha


A Stone in the Water (2019) downloadA Stone in the Water (2019) download



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