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2005 [FRENCH]


Brice, a motherless super rich 30-year-old teenager fancies himself a trendy surfer. Only he never stepped out of Nice where the sea remains desperately calm and flat. Brice awaits a giant wave like the one he knows happened in 1979. In the meantime, what he lacks in technique he successfully hides and compensates in style. Yellow T-shirt, yellow hair, yellow parties, he created his own little world where he “axes” people. One morning, his father is sent to jail and “Brice from Nice” is left penniless. He first decides to find out about that thing called “work” (one of his friends does it) at a local restaurant, but then decides robbing a bank is way easier. While escaping after a failed attempt, he meets Marius who needs money for foot surgery. His new best buddy has an idea how to get it: all it takes is for Brice to win the $100,000 prize at the “world underground surf cup”. It would “completely” help if Brice had surfed at least once in his life.

Tech specs – Reviews

Title: The Brice Man
Duration: 1 hr 35 min
Aspect Ratio: 1280*692
Frames: 25 fps
Audio: fre 2.0
Size: 878.4 MB
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled


Top cast

Jean Dujardin as Brice Agostini, dit Brice de Nice


The Brice Man (2005) downloadThe Brice Man (2005) download



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