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Torrents 2 Download is a global technology site at the heart of the video games industry.

Torrents 2 Download is an website platform offering millions of gamers a single destination for all things gaming. With a wide catalogue of pc games and provides the latest game data tracking.

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Hey everyone,

We have evolved from scene (sce) releases.

Torrent releases are much faster and reach a higher quality.

So we agreed that they deserve more then just a first torrent post and ignore all others as on some websites. And that’s how we came up with the name Torrents 2 Download.

We hope you like the name and theme.

Welcome Torrents 2 Download!

About us.

We’re a release site that want to inform you about new releases on the internet.

For torrent releases.

We do not spread releases ourselves and only provide a temporarily link to a sample or upload to prove that the post is true.

Our team does a great job by posting fast after a release hits the net.

They all do this as a hobby in there free time.

If there isn’t a release up after it pred be patient or contact us.

We’re often being asked why we don’t post our opinion with a game that is released.

This is simply for the reason that every person has a different opinion and no matter what that opinion is there will be always people who don’t like it and break you down.

That’s why we stay neutral and only post info about the release.

Something new is coming…Stay up date with Torrents 2 Download