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1980 [FRENCH]
Drama / Thriller


Young police inspector Corinne Levasseur interrogated a dealer without the judge’s consent. Following an indiscretion of her lover, the substitute Berthot, Corinne is transferred to a small town in the North who lives under the thumb of a rich industrialist and his family. He is given subaltern tasks. Intrigued by the strange death of a teenager, she stubbornly leads an investigation that allows her to trace the chain of a child prostitution network in which are mixed a notable and his son-in-law. A young investigating judge decides to investigate the case, but he is the victim of pressure …

Tech specs – Reviews

Title: La femme flic
Duration: 1 hr 43 min

Aspect Ratio: 1200*720
Frames: 24 fps
Audio: French 2.0
Size: 945.8 MB

IMDb Rating


Top cast

Niels Arestrup as Dominique Allier, le photographe
Miou-Miou as Inspecteur Corinne Levasseur


La femme flic (1980) downloadLa femme flic (1980) download



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