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Mama Boy 6467b01fbc216.jpeg

2022 [CHINESE]
Drama / Romance


Xiao-Hong is a shy 29-year-old man who works in an aquarium fish store and lets his overprotective mother boss him around in all aspects of his life. His cousin decides to take him to a seedy hotel where Sister Lele oversees the prostitution business. Instead of falling in love with one of the prostitutes, he ends up falling in love with Sister Lele, and despite his mother’s watchful eye, he attempts an awkward courtship. However, as their unlikely bond develops, it becomes clear that Sister Lele sees him as a substitute for her rebellious adult son, with whom she has a quarrelsome relationship.

Tech specs – Reviews

Title: Mama Boy
Duration: 1 hr 38 min
Aspect Ratio: 1280*536
Frames: 24 fps
Audio: Chinese 2.0
Size: 902.96 MB



Mama Boy (2022) downloadMama Boy (2022) download



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