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The Verma family consists of Mrs. Verma, the mother; Anil, the son; and a daughter named Vinnie. Anil loves Shobha, and hopes to marry her someday. While Vinnie loves Rakesh and also hopes to marry him someday too. Shobha and Rakesh both work for JK, a multi-millionaire industrialist. Anil has to goes overseas for a year to better his prospects. He promises to stay in touch with Shobha. However, after a year when Anil returns he finds that Vinnie and Rakesh have married, and is heart-broken to find that Shobha had married JK. Dejected but not beaten, he marries another girl by the name of Sona, but is unable to get Shobha out of his mind. Sona resents this, and one day follows him, and finds him in bed with none other than Shobha.

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Title: Arpan
Duration: 12 hr 47 min
Aspect Ratio: 1280*490
Frames: 24 fps
Audio: Hindi 2.0
Size: 438.68 MB


Arpan (1983) downloadArpan (1983) download



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