Drama / Romance


Osanai Kei enjoys a peaceful and happy life with his wife Osanai Kozue and daughter Osanai Ruri, but his wife and daughter die in an accident. Osanai Kei’s life suddenly changes. One day, a man named Misumi Akihiko visits Osanai Kei. Misumi Akihiko tells him that on the day Osanai Kozue and Osanai Ruri died, Osanai Ruri, who was a complete stranger to him, was coming to see him. Misumi Akihiko tells him about a woman named Masaki Ruri, who he once loved. These people, who don’t seem related, connect under the name of love.

Tech specs – Reviews

Title: Phases of the Moon
Duration: 2 hr 8 min

Aspect Ratio: 1280*536
Frames: 23.976 fps
Audio: Japanese 2.0
Size: 1.16 GB


Top cast

Ko Shibasaki as Kozue Osanai
Kasumi Arimura as Ruri Masaki


Phases of the Moon (2022) downloadPhases of the Moon (2022) download



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