Slot Shots Pinball Collection Early Access Is Here! Early access includes five tables- Slot Shots Casino, Super Vixel Land, Bass Hunter, Neon Nights 2 Skylines, and Outergalactic Aliens Deluxe! Purchasing early access will also include one more future table as it’s developed and released.

Game Overview

Pinball is BACK! Slot Shots Pinball Collection Early Access features five tables, with one more table planned to release over the coming months for a total of at least six tables playable in this collection. Also included in the Early Access is a score attack mode- a one minute multiball thriller with increased mission and slot payouts (and each mode has its own separate online leaderboard system)!

Super Vixel Land – A retro themed pixel/voxel super wide table that has missions on both the upper playfield and a lower playfield that has a revolving wheel!
Slot Shots Casino – A fantasy themed casino playground that features a fully functional slot machine, which has a total of ten payouts based on your slot machine roll. This table also has a spinning lucky wheel in the back that grants various different awards based on where the ball drops down the wheel!
Bass Hunter – A fishing themed table that also features its own custom slot machine. In Bass Hunter you will be completing fishing themed missions, such as catching the “legendary” fish, while also collecting high scores from activating the slot machine that features different fish and tackle.
Neon Nights 2 Skylines – A cyberpunk styled purple and blue neon themed table with a pulse pounding synth style soundtrack.
Outergalactic Aliens – A remake of last year’s table with all new LEDs, and the addition of the slot machine.

PLEASE NOTE: This title is built on the Unity engine and there is a slight delay while playing if you use BOTH shift keys at the same time to control the flippers. This is a known issue with the Unity engine. We recommend picking ONE shift key on either side and then using another key to control the other flipper such as S/L, CTRL or Tab.

The entire game’s soundtrack currently spans close to two hours, not including all of the sound effects and victory/defeat riffs.

Features full controller support, mouse / keyboard support, and the Steam online leaderboards to rank your final score for each table. No subscription, monthly fees, or tickets required to enjoy some good ol’ fashion pinball.

What do the Steam curators have to say about this title? Check it out!
Impartial Reviews – “An excellent addition to the undeservedly underrated pinball genre, that stands out for its extremely entertaining, varied, and addictive gameplay, beautiful tables design and great soundscape.” – Recommended
One To Ten Reviews – “A charming and fun game that offers a wide selection of pinball tables, each with its own unique theme and commendable attention to detail, along with a well-chosen soundtrack. Review score: 9/10” – Recommended
KeyHub- “Is it the bell? or maybe the lights? It is definitely something that makes pinball machines and video games super addictive, well this game is no exception. This is a fun and enjoyable game.” – Recommended
Nap’n’Gaming – A really awesome pinball game with very intuitive controls made by experienced developers in pinball games where we can strategize to fulfill many missions while grinding points. Highly recommended! – Recommended
Shut Up And Listen!- “Slot Shots Pinball Collection delivers a remarkable pinball experience, significantly raising the bar of quality in this fun genre due to its charming visual style, pleasant music and varied tables.” – Recommended
JuegosGratisUnlimited – Recommended
Rise and Shine, Mr. Gamer – Recommended
17173萤火虫 – Recommended
Pink Unicorn 🦄 – Recommended
BlackHatMan – Recommended
Imaginarium – Recommended
Game Reviewers(JP) – Recommended
Hex’s Gameplay – Recommended
甄游组 – Recommended
Review Prizm – Recommended
~Universal Gamers~ – Recommended
CzechLP – Recommended
Emote Reviews – Recommended
Trash Games Fever – Recommended
Peelijah Reviews – Recommended

Title: Slot Shots Pinball Collection
Developer: Pinblend Studios
Publisher: Pinblend Studios
Release Date: Jun 21, 2022
Genre: Casual, Simulation, Sports, Strategy


Release Name: Slot Shots Pinball Collection
Cracked by: BlacK FlaG
Release Size: 2.38 GB


Slot Shots Pinball Collection.Torrent

System Requirement




    • OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.0 ghz or better.
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card supporting DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 3.0
    • Storage: 6 GB available space





    • OS: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system





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